Questions to Ask Your Estate-Planning Attorney

The idea of a Utah estate planner can be smart, whether you’re coming to the end of your life or otherwise. It’s important to get your financial affairs in order so that if you were to pass away, your family wouldn’t have to worry about probate matters. You don’t need millions to put your estate in order, but it can be a great way to remove some of the pressures. What’s more, your final wishes can be carried out too. Of course, an estate plan is not a will, but certain aspects of your estate can be resolved, nonetheless. So, what should you be asking an estate planner or attorney?

How Much are Your Fees?

Every Utah estate planning attorney will have their own pricing structure, so there are no common prices on this. However, it is essential to ask this question before the attorney does any work on your behalf. The reason for this is because if the attorney were to start work and you later found out their fees, you would be liable for the work they’ve already put in. Even if you weren’t happy with the price, you must pay it because you hired them to do a job and they did it or at least part of it. This should be among the first few questions to ask the planner or attorney so that if you didn’t agree with the price, you could look elsewhere.

Is Estate Planning What You Specialize In?

Estate planning is quite a complex field to work in, regardless of how many hours you’ve put into it. There are constant changes to this field and it’s important the planner knows what he or she is doing. You don’t want a Utah estate planner that has little or no experience in this sector. And you don’t want someone who doesn’t specialize in estate planning. Instead, you want a specialist in this field so that you can be sure your estate plan will hold up in probate court. It can be a hassle if it doesn’t. Check here!

How Long Have You Worked in Estate Planning and Estate Law?

Experience does matter when it comes to hiring a Utah estate planning attorney. You need to be sure the attorney is the right person for the job. Of course, what you think is a suitable amount of experience is up to you. For instance, you might be happy with an attorney with five years of experience, whereas another might want someone with double that experience. It can vary, and it all depends on how confident and happy you are with the attorney.

Will the Utah Estate Planner Review the Plan?

As most will know, things change and that could mean your estate plan isn’t as relevant as it once was. For instance, you might undergo a divorce and want to remove your spouse as an heir. You might still want to provide something for them; that is your choice. However, it is important to know if the Utah estate planning attorney has the capacity to review your plan as and when necessary.

Be Sure Before You Get Your Finances in Order

Estate planners are useful because they can do a lot of the things you can’t or are unsure of. It also helps remove one of the more contentious issues surrounding you passing away and the family trying to sort these things out. It isn’t easy, especially since it’s an emotional time for everyone. It’s important to talk to your Utah estate planner and ensure your wishes are followed to the letter. Click here for more information: